We love … design podcasts

Every Friday we share the latest and greatest design and innovation content from across the world wide web.

We’re always keen to learn but we don’t necessarily want to glued to our habitual life companion, the screen, for any longer than we need to be each day. So this week we’re giving you a list of some of our favourite Design podcasts to enjoy while you’re commuting home, walking the dog, cooking the dinner, pretending to be on a call as that person you vaguely know from two doors up tries to sit next to you on the bus ….

This is by no means an exhaustive list but just a few our favourites!


Hosted by Gerry Scullion and currently 15 episodes in (at the time of writing) ‘This is HCD‘ is an interview style podcast with guests tackling topics from “Building HCD at Scale” to “Does design make things better?”.


In their own words, Fjord Fika is intended to be “inspiring and unscripted conversations between Fjordians and key luminaries in technology and design”. Topics have included “The Future of design education”, “Co-designing with kids for kids” and “The unitended consequences of today’s digital world”.


Hosted by Marc Fonteijn,the Service Design Show is an interview series with the leading service design practitioners from around the world in a virtual interview format.


A new kid on the block Beyond Users podcast hosted by Business Designer Alen Faljic looks to shift the focus of design beyond the user (see what they did there!) to how it helps achieve broader business goals. They are only 4 episodes with guests from IDEO, github and design veteran Marc Hemeon.


Hosted by Knight Moves Service Design in the Netherlands, and in collaboration with the Service Design Network the  Service Design Podcast brings together service design experts in a mix of live and virtual interviews.


Meet the Creatives seeks to bridge the gap between entry-level Designers and the industry’s best. The podcast features useful advice from top creatives at companies like Google, Facebook, and Airbnb with the ambition to redefine the way young Designers seek out mentorship in a way that is more genuine and humble.


Gerry Gaffney set up UXpod in 2006, with a view to providing a platform for discussing topics of interest to practitioners or others with an interest in UX. Covering everything from transhumanism to more pedastrian topics such as visual communication and chatbots.


Design Matters (with Debbie Millman) was the world’s first podcast about design and an inquiry into the broader world of creative culture through wide-ranging conversations with designers, writers, artists, curators, musicians, and other luminaries of contemporary thought


Bobby Ghoshal and Jared Erondu recorded 25 episodes with design leaders from facebook, ebay, uber, pinterest and more for their High Resolution series on product design and design thinking.


99Invisible is an independently produced radio show created by Roman Mars that focuses on design and architecture. With almost 300 episode in their archive recorded over the last 8 years it should be in your playlist.


Nice To Meet You (NTMY) is hosted by Tobias van Schneider, one time Lead Product Designer at Spotify and co-founder of Semplice. He talks design, amongst other things, with an eclectic mix of guests.


Design Details is “a show about the people who design our favorite products” and includes interviews with product designers from Pinterest, Adobe, Facebook, Dropbox, Spotify and many more.

Did we miss one of your favourites? Let us know hello@weloveaffinity.com.

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