Design & Innovation Newsround (02/07/18)

Here’s the latest design and innovation related news swirling around in the ether this week …

The value of good design? Well maybe $1billion in the case of Amazon’s acquisition of Pillpack.

 PillPack’s chief designer, Colin Raney, used to run the Boston office of legendary design shop IDEO, and the PillPack itself is a design masterpiece, with  its own place in the Cooper-Hewitt design museum. It looks good, but that’s just the beginning: It also helps to solve problems that have bedeviled the medical profession for decades, such as the fact that some 50 percent of Americans with chronic diseases don’t take their medications as prescribed


We had another great CreativeMornings Dublin event on Friday with Gerry Scullion, Host of the popular This is HCD podcast and Principal Service Designer at EY Seren in Dublin. Gerry was interpreting the global theme of ‘Craft’ and gave the room plenty of food for thought. I got to take a back seat for once as I brought my 6 month old son Jack along to watch and stalwart of the CM Dublin team and copywriter extraordinaire Michelle hosted the event.

Gerry very kindly put his slides up online and the full video of the event will be available later this week on


This is a wonderful article by Annette Ferrara, Experience Director at IDEO about the importance of a healthy workplace culture and how to foster one. Spoiler alert – writing your company values on the wall probably won’t cut it!

As an experience director, I’m always look for new collaborators. Though some cultural experiences can come from the top down, others work better when they come from the bottom up. They feel more authentic. I’m always trying to identify new cultural mavens within our organization, and I empower them by giving them some time, money, or resources to bring their ideas to life. For example, at IDEO, we noticed a few of our designers were natural teachers and always went out of their way to show others how to learn a new skill. This aligned perfectly with two of our  company values—“Learn from Failure” and “Make Others Successful”—so we gave those designers a budget and set them free to build on their ideas. Now we regularly have Nerd Nights where people learn to code, and Shop Class where we make things like concrete planters and leather wallets.


The IDI will host their second national day of creativity in aid of mental health awareness on October 10th (World Mental Health Day) supporting Aware. They will be launching the website on July 19th where designers can sign up to take part on the day.

If you or your company would like to sponsor this event please contact for more information.


Engine Service Design have a book coming out this week. With contributions from leaders who have used design thinking to lead change in businesses like E.ON Energy, Bupa, Dubai Airports and the Hyundai Motor Company, Customer-Driven Transformation will give you the language and tools to take control of the design of the services you operate and customer experience and in doing so change your organisation.

You can pre-order it here.


If you’re not coming to Dublin for the Service Design Global Conference in October and Amsterdam is more your bag then check out the Design Thinking Conference…%2522%257D%257D%252C%2

The Design Thinking Conference is not a traditional conference, but highly inspired by theatre. We have developed an experimental and exciting new format to challenge both the speakers (our actors) and the audience (supporting actors).


Intercom are a company with design at their heart and they are generous souls as well producing some really excellent guides and books on Product Management, Customer Engagement, Marketing and now The Growth Handbook.

The Growth Handbook is a collection of tested frameworks and invaluable lessons from industry leaders who have grown businesses from $0 to many billions in revenue, including Intercom, Intuit, Slack, Duolingo, Atlassian, Pinterest and more.


Finally, one for my Spanish speaking friends, a new design podcast … in Spanish……%2522%252C%2522width%2522%253A-1%252C%2522height%2522%253A-1%257D%257D%257D&signature=ATtld-oaTXhMJlBSCRmqfuvrDwIj

To discuss anything recruitment related in the world of design and innovation consulting get in touch or connect on linkedin.

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